The passage of time is what ends up healing those emotional wounds

From Blazers Edge

Dave: “…deal[ing] with that feeling “when your heart drops through your gut but it doesn’t stop dropping because your gut is just this big, empty feeling, so you don’t feel like you have a heart anymore”….”

Emotional wounds are real. The pain and loss a six year old feels when their pet dies is a raw wound to that six year old. Let’s not mince words. Personal loss sucks. You get older and gain more experience waking up in morning the day after your dog died. You’re parents and siblings wake up, and start their day. The world keeps on going, and you do to.

Same with these Blazers. They’re really good nice guys. Most of these Blazers players, you’d be thrilled to find to find out they are dating the sister you get along with well. We think of all these guys as extended family members. The whole city of Portland, Oregon feels like they had a nephew hit by a bus.

We all know what Greg Oden may not be able to do for the world now. Having the spotlight of super-stardom on Benedict James instead of Greg Oden is a tragedy and we should all mourn that loss to the world. We can’t take too long mourning, though. We’ve all got a duty to these great kids to take all these hopes and expectations we lovingly heaped on the them, and put most of them in storage, next to your dowry and those detailed CAD renderings of the mansion you’re gonna spend your first powerball check on.

What heals the hurt you feel? The passage of time. Nothing else. You got through the first day. The next pit in your stomach is a little shallower. The next day your breathing has fewer sighs in it. The next day someone makes you laugh at a dumb fart joke. Time passed. The world goes on. You go on too.

And that next break up you have with your girlfriend, you’ll be a little less shattered because you remember you got through this.

That’s how it works. You get crushed. Time passes. You get crushed again, and you get through that because you remember surviving this. You slowly go back to discussions of… well… in this case, Blazers v. Jazz at the Rose Garden Sat. night. Have I told you how much I HATE the frackin’ JAZZ?!?



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Lousy way to wake up

Woke up this morning and thinking felt like I was trying to walk through soup. A danceable soup. It all had a rhythym and I looked down and my big toe was quivering to that rhythm for a few moments.

Not good. Think I’m going to try rushing myself out of bed. Don’t want to be building anymore pathways than necessary.

That scared me. I think I have more of an idea what I’m up against.

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Rip City!

Just another first post on a Portland blog.

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